Retail: increase your available services visibility with Google

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With the lockdown restrictions, retail networks had to reorganise their services offering to stay in business. In recent months, services such as “Click & Collect”, “Call to Collect”, “Delivery” and “Drive” have become a much more widespread notion than before the lockdown. Now a question arises:

How to communicate these new services and meet the expectations of your customers ?

  1. Where to communicate your services
  2. The advantages of the products catalog
  3. What types of services are available



1. Where to communicate your services

There are many ways to share your informations online between your website, social networks, directories,… Our advice ? Be where your customers search : Google.

Google is the first search engine worldwide with a 92% market share. Use this digital storefront to communicate your services through your Google My Business listings. These listings allow you to offer a digital storefront to physical businesses. They benefit from millions of impressions when consumers are looking for informations. These listings include not only name, address, opening hours, phone number, website, …. but also products and services like Click & Collect, Call & Collect, delivery, E-booking, … offered by the store.

Our recommendation :

During this period, use the Google My Business products catalog to communicate about your services.




  • The product catalog gives a better visibility to your listings in the search results.
    Google will give them 20% more visibility than similar records without products.
  • Each product card is accompanied by an image that highlights it and attracts the attention of the user.

Here is an example of a service integrated in the products catalog. The “Click & Collect” option is visible at first glance during a search.

8zVuIwwdoaZw98NPvE4yyh2hauyEXEMzECkv2H2tR M6CnRb3k3GQj34pVvM SG8PYfcMiiGVHDB4qGT6 gXkgISh1kV8L7v0XiQORlTQJ HsKfIUEfBRiCkMO0iQIyU KUCJ5CJ

Furthermore, the products catalog facilitate the customer journey thanks to dedicated CTAs (Call To Action). You can indicate :

  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Get offer

GMB CTA products

These CTAs allow to refer potential customers to a url, such as a website or an e-commerce site. This allows you to increase the traffic to your website and its SEO through all the listings of your points of sale network.
You can also showcase the phone number of the point of sale.

Catalogue produits service minelli detail-png


3. What types of services are available

The types of services offered depend on your industry and logistical possibilities. Here are a few examples of recently implemented services:

  • Click & Collect
  • Call to Collect
  • Delivery
  • Drive
  • E-booking



Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know

how to set this up for your retail network.

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