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Train your teams in local digital marketing


Multi-locations networks need to have the best online visibility possible to reach more customers.
This is why we train managers, franchisees and other actors involved in the digital marketing of their locations.

Your managers and franchisees are autonomous

Train your teams to digital marketing best practices to manage their local pages.

Respect your brand identity

Train your network in branding and ensure that your brand identity is respected.

Mobilosoft School

A complete course to learn about local digital marketing

Need digital marketing coaching for your entire network or a group of users? We create custom webinars adapted to your needs!

Local SEO

Learn how to create or update your location data to optimize web-to-store traffic.

Local E-reputation

Discover how to manage your local e-reputation while respecting your network’s branding and increasing customer satisfaction.

Local publications

Learn how to find topics, create your local communications and define the best time to publish your posts.

Local Ads Campaigns

Learn how to manage online advertising campaigns and promote your store on Google and Facebook.

Legal requirements

RGPD, Cookies… learn about your data protection obligations and how to apply them.

Performance analysis

Learn how to define an optimal local communication strategy, set up KPIs, and analyze the results of your actions.

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Learn local digital marketing with our experts!

Learn digital marketing wherever you are and whenever you want with our e-learning! Train the members of your network and improve the local communication for your locations.

E-learning for maximum flexibility

Tests to validate the assimilation of the notions until certification

Post-training coaching with our team