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One tool to manage all your local posts

Manage the local posts of your outlets on Google My Business, Facebook and your Store Locator.


Mobilosoft simplifies the management of your local publications

Adapting communications for your different locations is essential, to better reach your customers. Our solution helps you create, plan and publish content for all your local pages while ensuring brand consistency.

Stay true to your brand identity

National communication or local communication… ensure consistent branding in all communications for your retail network.

With Mobilosoft, you can build a content library and give access to your franchisees and local managers to publish posts aligned with your brand guidelines.

Respectez votre identité de marque
Organisez votre calendrier éditorial

Organize your editorial calendar

Create or access posts and campaigns to boost your local communication and publish your posts to different media channels.



With our local publications solution you can harmonize your publications on Facebook, Google MyBusiness and your Store Locator.

Target your communication locally

Sort by the whole network, by group of sales outlets, or by location… select and activate your local publications according to your needs.


With Mobilosoft, you optimize the reach of your posts on your networks and local pages and reach local audiences.

Ciblez votre communication localement


With local publications, you can...

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Strengthen your brand awareness

Harmonizing your communication for all your locations reinforces the attachment to your brand.

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Save time

Simplifying content creation and sharing workload save time for your field teams.

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Build customer loyalty

Communicate locally to better meet the needs of a specific customer base. 

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Our solutions

Discover the applications that will make your local marketing successful

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Improve your online reputation by managing customer reviews.


Local Visibility

Save time managing your location data.


Local Ads

Improve the ROI of your advertising budget with a local approach.