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Reach customers close to your locations

Create local digital ads for each store on Google Ads and Facebook Ads in 2 clicks and drive more qualified traffic to your stores.


Easily manage your local advertising campaigns

No need to communicate on a national scale to announce a local promotion or event!

Our solution helps your local managers in their digital campaigns while guaranteeing your brand image’s integrity.

Target local audiences

Promotions, events, special opening hours… with local ads, communicate with a local audience on the news specific to each location.


With Mobilosoft, you amplify your marketing actions where they have the most impact, your locations gain in visibility and reach a geo-localized audience.

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Stay true to your brand identity

Create and share your ad library with your store managers and give them access to professional publishing tools.


With our local campaigns solution, you can harmonize your communication, respect your corporate branding and manage your brand.

Increase your visibility

Being more visible on the web with local ads is possible. Develop your local advertising strategy and appear before your competitors on Google, Facebook…


With our local ad management platform, your ads are well positioned in search results and are visible to potential buyers.

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With local digital ads, you can...

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Empower your local managers

Create local advertising campaigns that are validated by headquarters and let your local managers and franchisees manage their advertising budget.

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Save money

Coordinate your national and local campaigns simultaneously to avoid competition and raise the stakes.

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Optimize your strategy

Analyze results and optimize your performance with interactive dashboards.

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Our solutions

Discover the applications that will make your local marketing successful

e reputation

Local E-reputation

Improve your online reputation with customer review management.


Local Posts

Share your latest news and promotions on your local pages.


Local Visibility

Save time managing your locations data.