How can you trigger your online customers to go to a specific point of sale with your Store Locator ?

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Consumers use a lot of online media to make research on your points of sale. Your Store Locator must be optimised technically to appear in the first local search results. One they found it you have to make sure your Store Locator is also optimised : you should test every aspect of your store locator to make sure it looks appealing and triggers your customers to go to your point of sale.

To favour this activation, your Store Locator should be composed of two types of webpages: a research page (a map with your stores, with several functionalities and filters) and a point of sale page (digital front window of a unique store).

Research page optimisation

The objective of this page is to give your users an overview of your network so they can identify which points of sale are nearby. Here some elements that can help them :

  • A button that enables your geolocation and/or a search bar to type a location
  • Several filters to narrow the research (available services, opened stores, stores with parking, etc.)
  • Possibility to move the map
  • Possibility to show essential information with a click on the “Pins” (open/close, itinerary, to call, etc.) afterwards they can be redirected to the complete point of sale page


Point of sale page optimisation : your task !

The Content of the point of sales page is essential to invite users to move towards it. It is thus primordial to integrate vital information of the point of sale and a description of the in-store ‘experience” as well :

  • Pictures of the Point of sale
  • Promotions and specials events
  • Main products/services
  • Partnership
  • Review’s customer
  • Etc.

This list isn’t exhaustive, there are as many possibilities as there are companies or types of businesses. It is Important to stay relevant to the consumer point of view.


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