How to manage your reviews and why?

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Google my Business is the most used service when it comes to Reviews and Ratings. In order to optimise your e-reputation properly you should definitely manage your Reviews on this media. Learn more on to how you should manage your reviews and how you can exploit the functionalities of Google my Business.

Optimise your review management through Google My Business

Why manage your reviews? 

1. Because they are highly visible

Today the search results are based on relevance*, which includes the quality of the reviews left on each location page. And we can see that this element is key for Google because of 3 elements:

  • You can sort local results by the number of stars.
  • You can see how many reviews each location gets.
  • Google makes an average rating per location.

* The relevance between the requested search and the search results (the distance between the user and the location, his location, the search request and more)

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2. The value of reviews for users

Today 95% of the consumers will check a product or service online before buying them. And of those consumers, 72% will highly trust the reviews left behind by other users. This directly impacts (positively or negatively) the store’s revenue.

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How can you manage your reviews on Google My Business?

1. The best option is to give an answer to each review. Doing this will positively impact your e-reputation and your position in the local search results as well, because Google will notice the frequent interaction between the Store and it’s customers. This will also encourage other customers to leave a review.

2. Customers are very attentive to the response time, so be quick/responsive!

3. Set the right Tone of Voice. Do you use a formal or informal language through your overall communication? Have you set limits if you’re about to use humour? If you wish to learn more about this subject, you can read the following article : Best practices to manage your local e-reputation efficiently!

4. Customers are sensitive to the personal aspect of your responses. Try to personalise each response instead of using the same sentences over again.

5. Try to collect as many reviews as possible by putting a link to the comment section of the store on each location page of your store locator.