How can you use the precious data generated by your Store Locator ?

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One of the advantages of internet today is that we can measure and analyse the consumer’s behaviour, which you can also do with your Store Locator. However, companies collect such amounts of data nowadays that they can sometimes lose sight of which data is important. The term “big data”, illustrates this reality perfectly…

Why would you exploit data collected by your Store Locator?

Data collected by your Store Locator enables you to better understand the user’s preferences, obtain information that is necessary to optimise it (content, design, code, etc.) and generate more traffic in your points of sale.

In your Store Locator, the point of sale page (dedicate to a specific point of sale) is perfectly adapted for optimisation efforts because different Clicks-To-Action can be tested and adapted.

Nevertheless, you’ll need to identify the relevant data to optimise your Store Locator in the long term : data that make sense in the Web-to-Store context.

You should ask yourself :
Which kind of behaviour observed on my Store Locator shows an interest to go to a specific point of sale?

For example, at Mobilosoft, we build custom made dashboards for our customers, aligned with their KPI’s. This enables us to confirm together that the modifications brought to their Web-to-store strategies had a positive impact on their business.

Here is an example of a KPI you should follow to identify your search page performances :

storelocator data