Google Local Campaigns: How Färm Stores have increased their «Galette des rois» action

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Are you familiar with Google local campaigns? These are Google advertising campaigns that aim to increase physical point-of-sale traffic through better digital visibility across the Google ecosystem.

On the occasion of the store’s action“Galette des rois”, Färm wanted to amplify the campaign beyond its own media (website and store pages) and test the relevance for its stores of a Google Ads campaign.

At Mobilosoft we advised Färm to use Google local campaigns. These have been specially designed to increase the digital visibility of physical stores through advertising inserts in the Google ecosystem (Search, Maps, Display Network, Youtube, etc.). In addition to giving stores’ actions greater visibility, they are very easy to set up and require a reduced preparation time for the marketing department.

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The benefits of Google local campaigns

  • they are linked to the location of stores through their Google My Business listings
  • they allow a «top of mind» strategy of awareness among Internet users in the given geographical radius or those searching for these terms.
  • they appear throughout the Google ecosystem (Search, Display, local pack, Google My Business, Maps, Youtube, etc.)
  • the CTA (call to action) links to the local pages on the website
  • they require a reduced number of marketing assets (title, description, video, etc.)
  • they are automatically optimised thanks to Google machine learning
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The results of the local campaign

google local campaigns case study results

The goals were achieved with more than 2.5 million impressions! The local actions of the stores were amplified and we gained visibility via the Google ecosystem, simultaneously by all stores.

The CPM at €0.3 and the CPC at €0.4 are on average low for this type of campaign. The marketing department was able to produce the visual elements and texts in a record time. Store managers were able to choose their own budget and the duration of their campaign.

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