Managing Google My Business during covid Second wave – The basics

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Why managing your online presence during Covid is even more important ?

We are all affected by the arrival of a second wave of covid and, at Mobilosoft, our wish is that physical points of sale can remain attractive to consumers. They do indeed have quite a few advantages:

  • They are nearby and allow you to get products / services quickly.
  • They offer human contact, while respecting safety distances.
  • They allow the local economy to continue to survive.


Google, 98% of web-to-store traffic

According to a study that we carried out (hereby the link), apart from Facebook, Google represents 98% of web-to-store traffic, for stores, restaurants, service centers, it is therefore essential to do good in your online visibility. 


How to perform on Google My Business during covid?

The basic rule of Google My Business still applies, you must correctly reference your point of sale data. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure that your basic details are correct: name of the point of sale, address, telephone, opening hours.
  2. Use attributes to showcase how your business is going. For example, in catering these are the following:
    1. Meals on site
    2. Takeaway
    3. Delivery
  3. Specify your e-commerce options.
  4. Highlight the security measures you recommend in your points of sale.
  5. If you are closed, however, plan to implement “temporarily closed due to covid”.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with this.


Good luck and above all, stay safe!

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