Restaurants: How to use Google My Business to communicate about takeaway and delivery services

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Since the beginning of the lockdown restaurant businesses have been hit hard, in particular restaurants chains that had to completely close down. As April ends, European governments are planning a progressive reopening of businesses. It will translate to the restaurant sector into the kind of services establishments will be able to provide (dine-in, takeaway/drive and delivery).

In our article “How should you manage your establishments on Google during the lockdown” we detailed the functionalities to activate or deactivate on your GMB listings in 5 thematics. These recommendations aim to increase your visibility for potential customers and your SEO.


In this article we will explain why as a manager of one or more establishments you should update on your Google My Business listings the services, such as takeaway or delivery, that you are able to provide at the moment in compliance with the government health directives .

Update your attributes !

First of all here is a little recap about what are the attributes on Google My Business listings. The attributes list the complementary services linked to your activity. Most of them are dependant from the main category of the business, in this case “Restaurant”. They can be set up by the owner of the listing and help provide useful informations about accessibility and payment method for example.

Here are some of the attributes for restaurants :

  • dine-in
  • takeaway
  • drive
  • delivery
  • contactless delivery (new)


Why is it important to update them ?


When doing a large research query, for example “McDonald’s Paris”, Google places a map with a list of establishments corresponding to the query above the other search results. This list has all the basic informations (name, address, phone number, website and itinerary). It also highlights if you are open or not and the services your restaurant is able to provide at the moment regarding takeaway and delivery.

EN GMB -  restaurants large query

In the case of a precise query, such as “McDonald’s Paris Général Leclerc”, the takeaway and delivery attributes were put at the top of the listing, just under the description of the business but above all the main informations (address, hours,…). This gives the prospective customer in one glance all the informations needed in order to make a purchase.

EN GMB -  restaurants precise query

The ease of information access is also strengthened by the visuals used : a ✅ if you provide this service at that time, a ❌ if you do not.

EN GMB -  restaurants attributes


This is why it is really important to update your takeaway and delivery attributes so that you can plan a worryless transition to reopening, while following the Covid-19 special sanitary measures.


Do not hesitate to contact your Mobilosoft Customer Success agent if you need help to set-up those attributes. For any other question you can contact our support team.

 We remain by your side during these trying times. Stay safe !

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