Check your Google My Business listings for back to school!

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With its “local info page”, Google My Business ensures the online presence of your points of sale in Google searches, in Google Maps and on all other Google services. It’s one of the main media to master as part of your Web To Store activities (set of information published on the Internet to highlight your physical facilities).

A review of good practices for local Google My Business pages

fiche locale googleIn general, the information posted needs to be complete and accurate 1. Firstly, this helps ensure that local pages are ranked higher in “near me” search results, and that they appear in new requests as time goes on. Secondly, your potential customers are satisfied, since they can easily find answers to their questions and are more likely to visit your points of sale.

1 Postal address, telephone number, business category, etc.

To this, we can add the following good practices:

– Confirmation of your establishments
– Indication of the precise opening hours, as well as any special hours
– Management of customer reviews
– The addition of evocative photos and the examination of photos posted by web users


If you manage a restaurant, fast-food place or any other food site, as well as for other service providers (hairdressers, gym, etc.), it’s also highly advisable to use the Menu option, as this creates a link to the menu or list of products or services found on your website. Google has very precise guidelines for this. For a restaurant, for instance, the menu must be complete: showing just the most popular dishes or house specials isn’t enough. Another thing: the links on the map shouldn’t lead directly to an ordering or delivery service.

In addition, there are some other rules and guidelines to follow in order to make sure your Web To Store works properly via Google My Business:
The point of sale’s name should not contain superfluous information. The Website call-to-action must not contain a URL that redirects people to a web page other than your website (standard domain name). So you shouldn’t enter a link to a social media page here. Google also encourages you to indicate a minimum number of categories and to focus on those that best reflect the point of sale’s business.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about Google’s guidelines for local info pages.

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