A new Store Locator for Carrefour by Mobilosoft !

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Today, 85% of consumers look up information about businesses online before they go there in person (source: ropo.fr). In this web-to-store context, Carrefour has entrusted Mobilosoft with the management of its virtual points of sale, in particular the custom development of a Store Locator…

What makes a high-quality Store Locator ?

To be effective, this tool must meet two requirements.

Firstly, it must have good SEO, in other words, it must make sure that YOUR stores appear among the first Google search results and are visible to Internet users :

  • Specific content (key words) and a dedicated URL for each local page (one web page per store).
  • Responsive pages (compatible for mobile display) in order to optimise local listing.

Secondly, an essential part of any web-to-store strategy is to make users want to go to the store and increase activation :

  • Give them the option of viewing the stores nearest to them, using geolocation.
  • Make it easier for them by displaying a route to the store.
  • Promote activation by providing full & reliable information about the store, i.e. its address, telephone number(s), business hours, product catalogue, etc.
  • Responsive pages: today’s consumers have their smartphones with them at all times. You need to exploit this extended visibility and offer them readable web pages, if applicable.

What we’ve done for Carrefour
Website access >



The Store Locator consists of a main page which pinpoints the points of sale (see image above)…

This page contains various functions that let consumers find stores easily :

  1. A button enabling geolocation or a text area for users to enter a location
  2. A number of filters to refine the search (available services, stores that are currently open, stores with a car park, etc.)
  3. A map that automatically displays the locations of the points of sale, depending on the displayed area
  4. Effective access to the store’s local page via the Pin or list

… then to a dedicated page for each store, which is crucial for getting the customer to visit in person.
Here’s an example >

Does your Store Locator have all these characteristics ? Is it optimised ? Let’s talk about this web-to-store solution…