What’s a good store locator

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A Store Locator is a tool to locate a physical outlet. It can be offered on a website (conventional or mobile) or a mobile application.

The Store Locator is generally used to identify the nearest store with a GPS location or entering a ZIP code or address.IMG_3807-1600-1024x1024

6 tips for a good store locator:

  1. Provide the closest store: this is the main goal of a store locator. It has to give to the user a list of the nearest stores to his position
  2. Provide an itinerary toward the store:  this itinerary will help the shopper to easily reach the point of sale. If the customer is already satisfy of retailer’s services before entering the store, this is already a good starting point
  3. Provide reliable and complete information on the point of sale: retailers have to provide their addresses but also their phone numbers, opening hours, product catalogue, etc. Of course, to be relevant, all of them have to be complete and correct
  4. SEO compliant: more and more customers use Google to search for a store. The principal objective of retailers is to be on the top results on Google. For that, they have to SEO optimized the page of their store locator. Some techniques are: a dedicated URL, local content and specific to each store.
  5. Automatic detection of the user’s position: this detection will automatically suggest to users the closest stores. This is a facility that a lot of users are looking for.
  6. Mobile-friendly interface: we cannot forget to mention that store locators have to be mobile-optimized in order to follow customers in all their moves and in their daily lives.

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