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In recent days, it’s been a bit of a stampede on Google My Business. Independent outlets and retailers have taken over the platform made available by Google to publish adaptations to their schedules and posts explaining the situation of their points of sale.

For those who have not yet read it, here are the best practices for managing your business listings following covid-19.

Overflow of Google servers? Explosion of support requests? It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. The fact remains that at the moment, the situation on Google My Business is quite delicate for points of sale:

  1. Google My Business support no longer responds by email. The chat is blocked and response times are getting longer.
  2. Many adaptations are in “pending” mode in the Google My Business dashboard: “Edits may not get accepted at this time due to the coronavirus (covid-19).
  3. It seems that for some restaurant-type brands, Google My Business has temporarily eased name conventions. It is now possible to include “take-out” signs next to the name of the point of sale, which is completely prohibited (under penalty of deletion of account) in normal times.
  4. For some brands, in some Countries, Google has temporarily blocked posting reviews. This is the case with brands mainly in France. In Belgium, this seems to continue to work.
  5. Google has temporarily closed the Q&A spaces.
  6. It seems that many elements are published with very variable frequencies. This is the case for responses to reviews, user photos, certain name adaptations, etc.

Some stores have even had their business listings closed by Google without anyone asking at the store.

So be careful. Check your info and if you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact Mobilosoft.

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