Reopening after the lockdown : update your online informations

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“Monday May 4th 2020, first day of the progressive reopening of the economy in Belgium”.

This news, long awaited by business owners, finally has become a reality after these trying times. All businesses are allowed to reopen from May 11th. Restaurant businesses will hypothetically open from June 8th.
In France there are talks about opening the country from May 11th, but the government will only allow it if the number of new cases stays under control. 


During those uncertain times we are subjected to the sanitary crisis’s evolution.
How best communicate with your prospective clients to offer them up to date informations regarding your points of sale and the services proposed ?

This is what we will see together in this post !

2 types of search, 2 ways to get the information


When a prospective buyer looks up informations online in order to go to a point of sale, he can carry out his research in 2 ways :


1. precise query :

the prospective buyer knows your brand and/or points of sale, and would like to know if it is open, the opening hours and services offered at the time.

He is either gonna go to the brand website and look up the informations of the point of sales in which he is interested on the Store Locator. Or he is gonna search on Google “Brand name + store” and find the Google My Business listings (we will talk about it later).

The Store Locator is hosted on your website and is build around your brand.
It is important that the informations (opening hours, services, accessibility,…) are up to date on the point of sale page, otherwise your prospective client could go to the POS and be frustrated to find it closed.

Furthermore you can use banners to highlight Covid-19 specific informations : sanitary measures, special services, date of the last update,…

Be sure to highlight any information to reassure the customer and ensure an optimal buying experience at your points of sale.


2. Large query :

the prospective buyer searches on Google a category (ex: pizza restaurant) or a service you provide (ex: delivery) near them.

It is important for your points of sale to have a good SEO and appear on the top of the search results. In order to do it the Google My Business listings of your points of sale must be as complete as possible. For more information, check our post “How should you manage your establishments on Google during the lockdown”

Regarding the reopening of businesses it is important to highlight some informations :

  • Modify the description of the point of sale to indicate what services you provide.
  • Opening hours according to services provided (for example : drive)
  • The services available at the moment
  • Use the post special Covid-19 to communicate about your opening hours, services, sanitary measures,…
    These are pinned to the listing for 14 days.
  • Remain available, if possible by phone, otherwise with the Messaging application of Google My Business to maintain contact with your customers.

In this transition period it is essential to communicate well with your potential clients.

If your informations are not up to date and/or you are not reachable, the potential customer will not risk going to your location and instead will go to one that has a communication special Covid-19.



Do not hesitate to contact your Mobilosoft Customer Success agent if you need to implement those recommendations. 

 We remain by your side during these trying times. Stay safe !

The Mobilosoft Team

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