How do you control your Google My Business listings?

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In recent years, Google My Business has been enriched with many features designed to create engagement with users (reviews, questions / answers, subscribing to news and news, profile names “@”, photos & videos from companies …).

However, most of these features can also be used by internet users to make new contributions or suggest changes. Although the intentions are mostly good, inconsistencies or unwanted information can emerge. On the other hand, features are changed periodically, which requires more work on your part to keep up with the speed forced by Google and Internet users.

How user generated content threatens the consistency of your Google listing

Google officially launched the Local Guides program in 2015. The consumer contribution project “by and for” was developed to further encourage Internet users to complete Google Maps map data. Since then, the information area has evolved and sometimes the content suggested by users for your Google My Business listing is wrong.

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But this problem makes sense when you know that changes sent to Google are automatically accepted if no rejection is indicated by the account owner. In Google My Business listings, whether managed or not, it can be edited and updated by the user.

Also, contributing users aren’t the only ones who can act on the Google My Business page. Google also uses data from other sources such as your website, directories, social media, and so on.

Even though there is a notification system, company owners are often late notified or sometimes not at all!

Factors that must be considered

Google evaluates key elements to validate more or less quickly the suggestions received based on:

  • Consistency of information between various sources: website, directory, GPS, etc.
  • Contributors profile: are they a Local Guides and their level of expertise
  • “Profile” My Business sheet: are they updated and claimed periodically
  • Company popularity: number of opinions and conversions via files (website consultations, travel plans, phone calls, etc.)
  • How many users suggest the same type of change

How to protect the consistency of your Google My Business page and strengthen consumer engagement

This is a partial example list to regain control of your Google My Business information:

  • The important point is checking your Google My Business account several times a week: Manage my location> Select> Actions
  • Manage your reviews correctly.
  • Participate in Questions and Answers to prevent the dissemination of incorrect information.
  • Google Post is a great way to share content and events with consumers who are looking for your company.
  • Keep your content up to date, especially to reduce user-generated content (especially important for unwanted photos and videos).

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