7 Local Search Trends Summer 2021

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Local Search trends

The year of 2021 was eventful. With the Covid-19 crisis, consumer behaviours have changed tremendously. The lockdown has pushed consumers to search online more than ever before. Online browsing has become much more than a passing trend but has become the new way people shop. According to Google, in 2020 around 94% of shoppers from the Nordic and Benelux countries searched online before their in-store purchases.

In 2020, shoppers in the Nordics and Benelux searched online for 94% of their in-store purchases

“Be there for your customers with Google. A 2021 guide for retailers and brands in the Nordics & Benelux”

The rise of online shopping represents a danger for physical shops. To avoid this tragic end, retail networks should adapt a strong online strategy to attract customers to the stores. To do so, companies should follow the trends of the digital marketing world and respond to them accordingly. In this article, you will discover the local search trends of the summer 2021 which are expected to last.

The 4 trends of 2021

  • Consumers are taking window shopping online

Due to the pandemic, people had to bring their shopping habits online. The lockdowns have increased the leisure time people had in their hands. This has led to a tremendous decrease of specific searches. People are now actively browsing for inspirations and trends. This trend has for example translated into an interest of DIY’s searches (“Do it yourself”). We advise companies such as clothing brands to post videos that inspire shoppers on how to wear the clothes. 

  • Increase of “near me” shopping

Another trend linked to the pandemic is an increase of “near me” shopping. As the name suggests, people want to shop in physical stores that are located near them. This rise of “near me” shopping is not only about convenience but describes the increased willingness to support local shops. Indeed, as the crisis hit many local restaurants and shops economically, people wanted to help. We recommend every retail network to work on their digital presence. The more accurate your information will be on the internet, the more chances someone will go to your nearby shop.

  • Increase of sustainable shopping

This increase in consciousness has also led to an increase of shoppers turning to more ethical and sustainable brands. This increase of demand has led to many companies offering new lines, products and services that are more ethical. It is judicious for companies to launch sustainable campaigns to offer a wider range of products that satisfy different profiles. With intelligent marketing communication, companies can perfect their brand reputation and presence. 

  • Increase in searches for promotions and deals

The pandemic was hard on everyone. Mentally but also economically. This is why another trend of 2021, was the increase of searches for promotions, deals and social media contests. Companies should follow this trend by offering special discounts on their social media platforms for exemple. The idea is to get more attention around the brand which in term will bring new customers. 

The 3 trends of summer 2021

Google Ads has a dedicated team to study trends in search queries. Here are the results from the latest study dedicated to the upcoming summer 2021:

  • Increase in searches for gardening

As more and more countries are reopening after the COVID-19 crisis, people are now searching for post-pandemic activities. People want to enjoy the outdoors while still being safe from the virus. As a result, people are re-discovering their gardens. Many of them have more time to learn how to take care of their plants. Google has registered a peak of searches for gardening and garden utilities. Queries such as “idea small garden” or “where to plant what” are very trendy right now.

  • Increase in searches for “favourite” accessories or moments

The pandemic was mentally difficult for everyone. After the hard times of lockdown, people want to find some comfort by either buying new things or travelling. There has been a peak of searches for “favourite” moments or accessories. Queries for “evening wear”, “jewellery” or “fancy restaurant nearby” have increased.

  • Increase in searches for nearby outdoors activities

Finally, many are planning to leave their homes while respecting the country’s restrictions. This has led to an increase in searches for “border restrictions” an “nearby rentals”. There has been an increase in searches for outdoors activities close to the residence such as summer camps or karting tracks. One of the trendiest search of this summer 2021 is expected to be: “swimming pool nearby”.