[F&B] how to adapt your Google My Business listings for Covid closures?

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The situation for the Food and Beverage sector is quite tense at the moment. Between complete or partial closures or even adapting the way you serve customers, you risk forgetting to manage your Internet activity. Here are our tips for managing your Google My Business listing.

  1. Indicate if you are totally closed or if you offer catering, take out or delivery services.
  2. Adapt your schedules thanks to the exceptional schedules, do not change your classic hours.
  3. If you stay open, make sure you highlight your menus and eating options.
  4. If you remain open, indicate the security measures to be adopted by your customers

1 – Are you totally closed?

If this is the case, indicate in Google My Business that your activity is “temporarily closed”. Do not adjust the usual hours as this could penalise you in SEO.

If you stay partially open don’t forget to update your services attributes. These detail how customers can still enjoy your services : dine-in, take away, deliveries,…

FR GMB -  restaurants recherche large


2 – Adapt your schedules thanks to the “exceptional schedules”, do not change your classic hours

If you stay open with catering, help consumers understand how to benefit from your service. To do this, you must:

  • Adapt your hours if they are reduced → use the exceptional hours.
  • If you have different hours by type of service, use the schedules by attributes.
  • Indicate, using the attributes, how they can get your good meals.
  • Make a Post to indicate that your activity is continuing.

Google My Business Horaires supplémentaires  Google My Business Horaires supplémentaires



3 – Are you open? What can we eat through your services?

If you are open and have already posted all the info about your hours and ways of operating, you absolutely need to present your menu in the simplest way possible for consumers to order. To do this, there are several options:

  • Publish your menus directly to Google My Business
  • Publish your menus on a site and make the link from Google My Business
  • Publish your menus on an online ordering site (UberEats, Deliveroo) and make the link from Google My Business.
  • Submit your suggestion of the day with a Post.

Google my business menu restaurant

google my business post


4 – Open, yes, and in complete safety!

Remember that a large part of the population is under severe stress with this covid epidemic. If you want to attract people with your services, use your Google My Business page to present the security measures you adopt: wearing a mask, presence of disinfectant gel, delivery outside, etc. To do this, use Posts!



At Mobilosoft, we love going to a restaurant. So we are wholeheartedly with all restaurateurs and bar owners! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help to achieve this.


Good luck and above all, stay safe!